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Convolute Canisters

Ensuring your household and garden products have maximum exposure will allow you to not only sell more product, but also allow you scale your business to an astronomical level.  With fierce retail competition, and ever changing markets its essential your products packaging is delivered at the highest level possible.  The right type of packaging, with proper branding and design will allow you to sell more product faster.

Our Factory

Our Southern California factory has true capacity to help any business from smaller mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies.  We have Home And Garden Packaging solutions to meet all sort of business types and we have the capacity to allow companies to scale as far as they want.

We Are Dedicated To Our Work

As a true leader in the Household and Garden Packaging California Composite will allow you to focus on selling more product instead of wondering how to package and store it.   Our huge selection of customizable composite tubes allows many different use applications. Contact our packaging experts now so we can show you the best ways to package and store your products.   We do use recycled products to ensure our environmentally focused businesses deliver their products in packaging with a lower carbon footprint.

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