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When it comes to retail sales of your product, packing is the very first thing a consumer sees.  Consumers judge and or decide to buy your product depending on your branding and packaging.   The consumer experience starts when they first see your product, make sure you grab your consumers attention and then stay on top of their minds with your marketing and branding.


Our Process

One of our talented account manager will work with your company to ensure the highest level of support when it comes to your custom food and beverage packaging solutions.   California Composite boasts about the high level customer service and every stage of the Food and Beverage Packaging process.

From planning, to design, to implementation California Campsite has your back.   Our large variety of packaging solutions service for a variety of different markets including dried meats, spices, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, powered foods, ready meals, pet foods, powered milk, and other dry food products.

We Are Dedicated To Our Work

As the number one the top manufacturers of food and packaging composite cans in the world, we help companies around the world build their brands to higher levels and help deliver their Food And Beverage composite containers and packaging.  We manufacture rigid and collapsible composite containers as well as other food and beverage packaging.

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