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To manufacture the best composite containers in the world while maintaining sustainability and keeping the next generation in mind

The alternative to traditional packaging.

As a socially conscious company, we are driven to create alternatives to traditional packaging. In doing so, we also want to educate our customers and employees about the impact of packaging on the environment.


We are committed to offering our customers and the end users a simple way to participate through the responsible use and disposal of packaging in their everyday lives.


By using 100% recycled paper board, we can reduce the use of petroleum-based raw materials. Our products help reduce the amount of materials that end up in landfills. Providing environmentally-friendly packaging choices is a simple way we can help our customers improve their impact on the waste stream.


The importance of sustainability

Why Sustainability Is Important to Us

In the U.S. alone, the waste management industry brings in huge revenues. That number wouldn’t be so high if it weren’t for the massive volume of waste that all of us (companies, municipalities, individuals, etc…) across the country are generating every single day. It would be impossible to eliminate 100% of the waste entirely and therefore there will always be a need for disposal.  
We can reduce our impact on the environment.
We can reuse and recycle materials so that less of what we’re consuming ends up in a landfill!
California Composite Container lives by those statements. The only waste our plant creates is normal household trash from our lunches. The waste created from the plant is recycled into two 40 yd. bins. We hand separate all metal into one bin and all paper into a second bid. At the end of the month we get a check from our waste management company. It’s like having solar panels only that for us it’s waste.

Our products are not created with new (virgin) materials. All of our paper is made from 100% recycled paperboard, and even our metal closures are made with partially recycled material. During our manufacturing process, scrap is collected and recycled as described above. We are part of the solution. Working with recycled materials, and recycling scrap from our facility, we are a green approach to manufacturing.

Our plant uses minimal electricity thanks to our 300+ days of sunshine in Southern California. We run the plant during daylight hours and our roof is equipped with multiple skylights that allow natural light to illuminate our plant. Therefore, we only have a handful of light ballasts. We also use our roll-up doors to create a cross breeze instead of using air conditioners.

To sum it all up California Composite Container is part of our environmental solution and constantly looking to the future of our planet.


Paul Rachina


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