• We Offer Product Packing Services

  • Sometimes companies need the perfect containers to hold their products.  Want to import your own coffee beans, or are you the next Pringles?

Food And Beverage Packing

Our product line ranges form 1 1/2" Diameter all the way up to 603 Can sizes. Heights vary from 1 1/2" up to and including 14".

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Mailing Tubes

California Composite has the capability to supply your mailing tube needs.

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Heath Care/Fitness Packaging

Our mailing tubes are made with 100% recycled paperboard and have a swirl design for strength. Top-quality materials and sturdy construction.

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Home and Garden Packaging

Ensuring your household and garden products have maximum exposure will allow you to not only sell more product, but also allow you scale your business to an astronomical level.

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Misc. Packaging

At trade show it can be cumbersome to carry all of the different papers, posters, pamphlets and items you collect from different vendors and companies. Not anymore...

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Our High Level Quality Control Program Ensure Your Product Packing Is Handled With The Utmost Care



The company was incorporated in 1983 and have been producing quality products ever since that time. Composite Containers has expanded four different times and are now on a four and one half acre site which the company leases. California Composite is a privately owned, family run, corporation.   As an orginization we pride ourselves in Quality and Service.  Customers are our most important asset.




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About Us

  • We produce a convolute canister which exhibits exceptional properties.
  • We can apply convolute labels to both convolute and spiral canisters.
  • Our mailing tubes exhibit excellent strength for thin wall tubes because we use only top quality recycled liner board..
  • Our metal end products are manufactured from tinplate.
  • We can provide canisters with various liners for product integrity.
  • We stock a large inventory of shaker tops for you convenience.
Our management staff has many years combined experience in the can industry. We offer our customers a full service facility form package design to the completed canister. We can offer maintenance for our customers equipment so they are assured of producing a quality finished product.
Our own equipment is maintained to produce the highest quality products for our customers.

Frequently Ask questions

Composite Containers are made from recycled materials provide flexibility in size and applications.   With a number of different lids, shakers, folds, and adapters these multifunctional containers help in many ways.

California Composite works with Fortune  100 companies, larger retailers, and small mom and pop shops alike.  We service business that are looking for the perfect packaging solution for their products.

California Composite typically works with consumers within 1,000 miles of Los Angeles California due to shipping and handeling costs, but have worked with consumers worldwide.


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We provide innovative recyclable packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly.


We work with a multitude of different companies to help them with their retail delivery of their products.  From larger brand names like 365, and whole foods, to smaller mom and pop shops, we have the solutions to help you reach you maximum product sales potential.

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